Top 3 things to consider before buying a Tee (T-shirt)

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to whip out those T-shirts laying forgotten in the closet or bottom of wherever for the past few months (if you live in a cold country) or maybe it is just time to buy new ones to stock up.

Whether you want to change up your T-shirt collection, or maybe are thinking of getting new ones, or even better are just beginning to dabble into the wonderful free and happily comfortable world of T-shirts, here are a few tips that you should think about.


This is the one thing it’s important not to compromise on. For something you will be wearing for the greater part of the day, it is important to not feel like you just stepped into itchville, or worse yet, like you are getting drenched in sweaty town if you so much as step outside (as is a problem especially if the material is non-absorbent). Cotton shirts are a good comfortable choice. They provide the comfort needed, and are generally absorbent, a good idea being to have a major percent of cotton on the T- shirt. Personally, I think 100 percent cotton is a good go to, but that’s not to say that there aren’t good . As long as the majority is made from absorbent material, you should be good to go. Other things to think about in the comfort zone are: Are the shirts short sleeve or sleeveless T-shirts? Are you comfortable with either?
How does the shirt fit/sit on you? Is this a deal-breaker? For men, and juniors the fit is more or less comfortable by definition. For women though comfort might be the difference between getting that slim fitting and a flowing tee that allows for good fresh air circulation.

Durability vs cost

Have you ever bought an T-shirt only to find out that after the first wash, it’s a sorry shadow of what it was when you bought it? Now, if you did not spend much on the shirt then this is usually not a huge problem, sometimes expected even. The problem is when you had invested a reasonable sum and going by the ‘durability per cost’ you expected to get from the shirt, it looks like it might not measure up and may have a smaller ‘shelf-life’. This is why it’s important to consider the expected durability of the T-shirt when purchasing it and if unsure not spend too much on buying one when trying to test the waters of a new brand as it were. A good way to get the best bang for your buck that you can given the circumstances.

Colour and Design

Do you like bright colours? or would you like to be inconspicuous as possible? These are things to consider. Everyone is different so some colours in general are more flattering than others. The last thing you want is to get a top with a great design but the colour makes it almost unwearable. The reason for purchase also is important as wearing a white shirt for a camping trip, though doable might not be the best idea if you intend to get dirty except looking presentable afterwards is not an issue. If that is the case then you don’t need to worry about this.

Design is another factor that pretty much depends on you as an individual, if you like loud designs or more conservative designs you should consider this as well. Here again the purpose for the T-shirt will have an influence, a casual everyday look for the office or a day at the beach (here you probably have free reign to wear any design you like) are all factors to consider.

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